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6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 6.

Director: Lajos Kemény MD, DSC,

Head of Department

Cell Biology and Cell Therapy Laboratory 

In our laboratory there are medical routine investigations and research work.  

Routine tests:

  • Examination of pharmaceutical, food and preservative sensitivity (LTT, LMG, MTT assay, flow citometry techniques)
  • Porfyrin test (photometry, HPLC technique)
  • Examination of autoimmune bladder skin diseases (ELISA, western blot techniques)

Research topicss:

  • The pathomechanism of psoriasis
  • The pathogenesis of melanoma malignum

 Fellow workers:

Labor leader: Zsuzsanna Bata, MD, Dsc, Professor

Nóra Belső, MD, PhD, senior clinical physician
Renáta Bozó, PhD student
Tünde Buknicz, MD, PhD student
Brigitta Gál, MD, resident, PhD student
Gergely Groma, PhD, research fellow
Ádám Jakab, PhD student
Eszter Jakobicz, MD, PhD student
Mónika Kohajda, assistant
Barbara Konczné Gubán, PhD, research fellow
Géza Nagy, MD, rezidens, PhD student
Katinka Nagy-Ónodi, MD, resident, PhD student
István Balázs Németh, MD, PhD, assistant professor, research fellow
Zsuzsanna Tariné Palotás, biologist,laboratory assistant
Krisztina Vas, MD, resident, PhD student