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6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 6.

Director: Lajos Kemény MD, DSC,

Head of Department

MTA-SZTE Dermatological Research Group

The MTA-SZTE Dermatological Research Group was founded by Professor Dr. Attila Dobozy in 1999. From 2007 the leader of the research group become Prof. Dr. Lajos Kemény, and in 2017 we received a grant from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which provides funding for another 5 years.
For nearly two decades, members of the research group have been studying the pathogenesis of various skin diseases. At first, we focused on different multifactorial diseases, but recently, studies of rare diseases, called genodermatoses, have also begun.
Polygenic, multifactorial diseases are diseases affecting a large percentage of the Hungarian population. Their pathogenesis is complex, in which an intricate network of individual genetic predisposing factors together with lifestyle and environmental factors play an important role. Therefore studies, aiming to uncover their exact pathomechanisms are requiring a complex approach, relying heavily on the knowledge accumulated over the last few years based on research results and also clinical experience.
Our research group focuses on two diseases affecting a large percentage of the Hungarian population: psoriasis, and acne vulgaris. Both are chronic inflammatory diseases of our skin, but their causes and the pathogenic processes in their background are different. Significant advances have been made to understand these conditions in recent years, but there are still no therapies to date that would treat the diseases themselves, not only their symptoms. As a result, new therapeutic modalities are of great social and economic significance because in today's dermatological care these patients still require significant clinical capacity, not to mention the effect of the skin disorders associated with the above diseases on the quality of life of the patients, as well as their social and economic consequences.
Since 2012, we have also started research work on monogenic diseases exhibiting a Mendelian inheritance. We select our research topics based on the needs of the day-to-day clinical work and identify pathogenic mutations of patients attending the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the University of Szeged. The practical significance of these studies is enormous: it provides a basis for genetic counseling, family planning and the use of personalized therapeutic modalities in the affected families. In addition, the characterization of strong mutations of different genes can reveal the details and characteristics of basic biological and physiological processes and ultimately contribute to a better understanding of common, multifactorial disorders too.

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Research staff:

Head of the group: Lajos Kemény, MD, DSc.
Founder of the group: Attila Dobozy, MD, DSc, MHAS

Dr. Kornélia Szabó Senior research fellow
Dr. Gergely Groma Research fellow
Dr. Nikoletta Nagy Research fellow
Dr. Máté Manczinger Research fellow
Dr. Anikó Göblös Research fellow
Judit Danis Assistant research fellow

Colleagues who are not in research groups but who are involved in the work of the group:

Dr. Zsuzsanna Bata Professor
Dr. Márta Széll Professor
Barbara Konczné Dr. Gubán Research fellow


MTA-SZTE Dermatological Research Group
Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the University of Szeged
H-6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 6.
Tel.: +36 (62) 546-465
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