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6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 6.

Director: Lajos Kemény MD, DSC,

Head of Department

Judit Oláh, MD, DSc

36 1 Olah Judit1  

Current position:





Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Szeged;1985

Scientific degree:

Ph.D. (2002)

Habilitation, SZTE ÁOK (2011)

DSc (2016)




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Positions and memberships in scientific societies:

Hungarian Dermatological Society, member (1985- )

Hungarian Dermatological Society, board member (2001- )

Hungarian Oncological Society, member (1997-)

Hungarian Clinical Oncological Society, member (2000- )

Hungarian Clinical Oncological Society, board member (2003)

Hungarian Clinical Oncological Society, Secretery (2008-2016)

WHO Melanoma Study Group, member (1993-2003 )

European Association of Dermatooncology (EADO), member (2000- )

board member (2003- )

Euromelanoma national president (2008- )

Honorary Member of the Serbian Association of

Dermatovenereologists (2013-)

Board member of the International Dermoscopy Society (2013-)

Awards, honors:

1989: „Fekete Zoltán” Price of the Hungarian Dermatological Society

1993: Young Investigators Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 

1995-1996: OTKA

1997,1998: Papolczy Award

1997-2000: ETT pályázat

2000: 1999/2000. Best Practical Teacher of the Year

2010: SZTE ÁOK Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical Center- Certification of Excellence of Multidisciplinary Team in Dermato-Oncology

2014: Kaposi Mór Price


Publications of Judit Oláh

Board certification:

Dermatology, 1990

Clinical Oncology, 1998

Clinical research interest:

Dermatooncology - melanoma, pigmented lesions of the skin

Research interest:

Prognostic factors and precursors in patients with malignant melanomas